Killer’s Confession Natalee Holloway’s Last Moments

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Killer’s Confession Reveals Horror of Natalee Holloway’s Last Moments


Joran van der Sloot said he hoped to seduce Natalee Holloway when they took a walk on a beach in Aruba. Instead, he murdered her when his sexual advances were rejected, he admitted nearly two decades later in a confession, a partial transcript.

When the 18-year-old rebuffed him, van der Sloot, then 17, smashed a cinder block over Natalee’s head so that her face “collapsed in,” he said earlier this month, providing horrifying details of the teenager’s long-unsolved killing.

“I lay her down – we lay down together – in the sand and, uh, we start kissing each other,” van der Sloot, now 36, claimed to his lawyer in the recorded confession, which was part of a plea agreement in a connected federal case for extortion and fraud in Alabama.

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