Chicago state university in Nigeria's election dispute

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Chicago state university caught in dispute over Nigeria's presidential election dispute.


Chicago state university finds itself at the center of a political dispute involving the newly elected president of Nigeria, Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

Tinubu's political rival, Atiku Abubakar, claims that documents showing that Tinubu graduated from Chicago state in 1979 are not authentic, and grounds to nullify Tinubu's election.

According to the people's Gazette, Tinubu submitted the diploma to Nigeria's election commission. It was purportedly issued in 1979 and signed by university president Elnora Daniel. But Daniel did not arrive at CSU until 1998 and left about ten years later. Submitting false records to the National Election Commission before the vote should nullify the election Abubakar claims.

At a hearing in Chicago this week, Abubakar's lawyers asked a federal judge to compel CSU officials to turn over Tinubu's academic documents and appear for depositions. Judge Jeffrey Gilbert of the United States district court for the  Northern District of Illinois did not rule on the request.

CSU lawyer, Michael Hayes, told judge Gilbert that the university would not be able to certify Tinubu's diploma under oath.

A Chicago state university spokeswoman said the university can confirm the president graduated. However, it cannot authenticate the diploma because it is a ceremonial document that is not part of a student's official academic file.

Meanwhile Atiku his hoping that judge Gilbert will rule in his favor which could help unravel the mystery behind the real "Bola Tinubu" who is said to be a female tallying with fact that Chicago state university certificate presented by president Tinubu carries a female gender.

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